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All about: the different types of abayas

The abaya is a popular traditional garment in Arab countries. There are several styles and designs of abaya, each with its own personality and look. The different types of abaya include:

  1. The Emirati abaya : This style is often associated with elegance and sophistication. Emirati abayas are often longer and looser than other styles of abaya, and often feature decorative patterns or embroidery.

  2. The Saudi Abaya : Saudi abayas are often simpler than Emirati abayas, but are just as elegant. They are generally longer and wider, and can be wrapped around the body for a more comfortable and practical look.

  3. The Dubai abaya : A Dubai abaya is a type of abaya typical of the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It is often designed with elegant details, such as sequins, pearls or gemstones, for a more luxurious and festive style. Dubai abayas are often associated with wealth and fashion.

  4. The Farasha abaya : Also called butterfly abaya, it has very wide sleeves and a very loose cut which gives it a fashion effect while remaining mastourous.

  5. The Kimono abaya : With its fluid and light fabric, this is the most chic abaya! Indeed, you can wear it over like a jacket, it is our favorite abaya.

  6. The abaya under-abaya : As its name suggests, an under abaya and under an abaya with or without a sleeve which is put under an abaya. This allows you to cover yourself warm and is an integral part of the outfit with the abaya.

  7. The abaya with integrated hijab : This style is often associated with religious practice. Abayas with built-in hijab can feature built-in hijab for a more practical and comfortable look.

  8. The chic satin evening abaya : This style is often associated with parties and formal events. Chic satin evening abayas are often longer and wider, and often feature shiny materials and decorative accessories.

In conclusion, whatever style of abaya you choose, it is important to choose a model that suits you and matches your personal style.

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