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What is an Emirati Qamis?

Our Emirati Qamis is embellished with embroidery around the collar, on the bust and on the tie. The specificity of this Qamis is this tie , or this cord or this tarbouche in the center which goes down to the navel. Not only does this tarbouche bring elegance to the qamis , but it also has a practical side. Indeed, the tarbouche absorbs the perfume very well , by walking, you move this tarbouche which thus diffuses the perfume throughout the day. Having no collar and a loose cut , you can wear this qamis every day without any discomfort.

For the curious, we have written articles on the different traditional Arab outfits and why choose the Emirati qamis .

We also offer black , white and navy blue qamis and box qamis .

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