All about under hijab

What is an under hijab?

The under hijab is usually shaped like a headband or neckerchief and is used to cover the hair and prevent the hijab from slipping or moving during daily activities.

There are different shapes and sizes of under hijab to suit different types of hijab and hairstyles. Some under hijabs are made of breathable mesh for extra comfort, while others are made from soft and comfortable materials such as cotton or lycra.

Choosing an under hijab depends on the style of hijab you wear and your personal preference for comfort and style. Under hijabs can also be found in a variety of colors to match your clothing and personal style.

In conclusion, the under hijab is a practical accessory for Muslim women who wear a hijab. It helps hold the hijab in place and provide extra comfort, as well as adding a personal touch to your outfit.

The different types of under hijab

The under hijab is a fashion accessory that can be used under the hijab for extra comfort and protection. There are several types of under hijab, such as beanie under hijab, turban under hijab and balaclava under hijab. Each of them has key differences in terms of functionality, style and convenience.

Hat under hijab:

The cap under hijab is usually made from soft and light materials, such as muslin or cotton, for optimal comfort. It is designed to hold hair in place and to prevent hair from sticking out under the hijab. It is often available in different sizes and colors to adapt to everyone's morphology.

Turban under hijab:

The turban under hijab, on the other hand, is designed to leave space for a scrunchie and lets the hair breathe. It is therefore lighter to carry.

Balaclava under hijab:

The balaclava not only covers your hair but also covers your neck. It is very easy to put on and in a breathable and fluid material.

In summary, the choice between a cap under hijab, a turban under hijab and a balaclava under hijab depends on the functionality sought, the style desired and personal convenience. It is important to choose the under hijab that best suits your needs and personal style, for a comfortable and stylish look.

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