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Everything you need to know about: plus size abaya

What is a plus size abaya?

The abaya is a traditional garment worn by Muslim women in Arab countries. Plus size women may find it difficult to find an abaya that fits them well, but there are plenty of options for plus sizes today.

It is important to focus on quality and comfort. Make sure to choose an abaya made of soft and breathable material , as well as to avoid tight abayas or models that do not cover the legs enough. Abayas with pleats and darts can also help adjust the outfit to your figure.

It is also a good idea to favor stores that offer a wide range of sizes. Some brands specializing in plus sizes offer abayas in sizes up to 6XL. It can also be useful to measure your measurements and compare them to the sizes of the abayas before making a purchase.

Finally, don't be shy to seek advice from other women who wear plus size abayas. They will be able to recommend brands or styles that they have found comfortable and flattering for their figure.

In conclusion, tall women no longer have to settle for limited options for their abayas. With the many options available today, it's easy to find a comfortable and flattering abaya that suits your figure.

We offer long kimono abayas with loose sleeves.

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