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What is a Qamis or Kamis

In this article we will see what a Qamis is and what it represents.

The qamis, a traditional garment for men in Arab and Muslim countries.

The qamis is a traditional tunic worn by men in Arab and Muslim countries. It is usually made from cotton or linen, and it is usually white or beige in color. It is characterized by its loose fit and its length that covers the knee. It is usually worn with loose trousers called harem pants and a belt called obi.

The history of the qamis goes back centuries, it was worn by men of different social classes in Arab and Muslim countries . It has become a symbol of cultural identity and national pride, it is often associated with Arab tradition and culture .

The qamis is generally considered a formal garment, it is often worn for occasions like weddings, religious ceremonies and business meetings . However, it can also be worn for casual occasions like going out with friends or on dates. There are different types of qamis which vary according to regions, styles and materials.

It is important to note that there are variations in cut, style, color, pattern and material for the qamis , so it is important to choose the one that best suits your body type and tastes. There are also tailor-made qamis to adapt to all body types.

The qamis or kamis and the Jilbab, an Islamic garment?

According to Professor Hassan Iquioussen, the Prophet's attire was not Muslim; on the contrary, the Prophet dressed like his people and adapted.

Nevertheless, some Muslims wear this garment for a religious reason. Indeed, in the hadiths, it is said that "the garment that the prophet loved the most is the Qamis"

The origin of the kami

In reality, the origin of Qamis is more linked to a custom and a tradition of the Middle East, more particularly to Saudi Arabia. Moreover, this traditional outfit existed before Islam.

The kami nowadays

When to wear the kamis?

Nowadays, the Qamis has become deeply rooted in Arab culture. In the West, Muslim men wear the Qamis only to go to the mosque in order to cover the private parts and not to have an ostentatious outfit. During the Eid holidays, it is very common to offer gifts like Qamis and then wear it during the holidays. In addition, the Qamis can also be worn during an event such as a wedding or a party.

The kamis, a pride and a symbol of Arab culture

It is for many Muslims an essential outfit to represent Muslim and Arab culture.

What is a kami?

Description of the kami

The Qamis also called Kamis or boubou in Africa is a long tunic that reaches above the ankles. In general, Qamis have a loose cut to cover his body during prayer without revealing the shape of his body.

The different styles and names of kami

  • The most common name and type of tunic is the Qamis. On our online store we offer the "Saudi" Qamis which is the most widespread Qamis with its famous collar.
  • In West Africa we also have boubous, with vivid colors and patterns that have meaning.
  • In the Maghreb we have gandouras and djellabas often with a loose cut and a hood.
  • In Pakistan, we short qamis also called Pakistani Qamis which are composed of a set of two pieces. A short tunic and matching pants. This very classy outfit has also spread among Afghans who wear it on a daily basis. We offer on our shop the Pakistani Qamis which is one of our best sellers. This outfit can also be worn at a wedding, it is a very elegant outfit with its many embroideries and its collar.

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