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What are the trends of Qamis nowadays?

What are the trends of Qamis 2023?

  • Trend material:

Current trends in qamis include natural materials such as cotton, linen and silk, as they are comfortable and breathable.

  • Trend color:

Trending colors for qamis include neutral colors like white, beige, gray and black, which can be paired with different occasions and styles. Brighter colors are also trending, such as red, blue and green.

  • Trendy fit:

Trendy cuts for qamis include fitted cuts and looser cuts, which allow them to be worn in different ways. Wider cuts are particularly trendy for casual style qamis.

  • Trend pattern:

Trending patterns for qamis include geometric patterns, floral patterns, traditional patterns, and modern patterns.

Come and discover the taupe qamis which are the trend of this year.

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