What is the difference between qamis and jabador

Qamis and Jabador are two traditional clothes from the Middle East and North Africa that are very popular with men. Although they share similarities in form and usage, there are differences between the two.

The Qamis is a loose garment, usually made from cotton or linen. It is often worn with trousers, often canvas, for a comfortable and casual outfit . Qamis sleeves are often long, and can be adjusted with zippers or buttons.

The Jabador, on the other hand, is a more formal and elegant garment, often worn on special occasions. It is usually made from silk or luxury yarns, and may be embellished with detailed embroidery. The Jabador is often worn with silk trousers and boots for an elegant look.

In conclusion, the difference between Qamis and Jabador lies in their use and level of formality. The Qamis is a casual garment, while the Jabador is more formal and elegant.

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