Que choisir entre sous abaya manche longue ou sous abaya manche courte ? - My Qamis Homme

What to choose between under abaya long sleeve or under abaya short sleeve?

The choice between a long-sleeved and a short-sleeved under-abaya depends on several factors, such as the weather, personal preferences and the occasion. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages and it is important to consider these factors to choose the best option for you.

Long-sleeved underabayas are often considered warmer and more comfortable for cool and cold days . They also provide an extra layer of protection for women who wear lighter clothing underneath their abaya.

Short-sleeved under abayas, on the other hand, are often considered more breathable and more comfortable for hot days . They also offer greater freedom of movement for women. Short sleeves can also offer a more elegant and relaxed look for more informal occasions.

It also depends on the abaya you want to put on it, there is a need to hide the arms.

Ultimately, choosing between a long-sleeved or short-sleeved under-abaya depends on the final outfit you want to make. Because it can be an integral part of your final outfit with the abaya.

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