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For what occasion to wear the qamis?

The qamis is a traditional garment worn by Muslim men in many Arab and Muslim countries.

In France, it is difficult to show any religious sign in the public space, such as wearing the veil or a kamis, especially in the world of work. Nevertheless, lately, we see more and more Muslim women having the possibility of working while keeping the veil , in particular in the big signs " Action " and " Normal ".

In this article, we will present some events for which the qamis is the ideal outfit:

  • During the prayer

The kamis is the ideal outfit for prayer at the mosque or at home. First of all because according to the sunnah, it is the favorite habit of the prophet . In addition, with its length and loose fit, it hides parts of the body, especially the navel and knees. Finally, it is a beautiful Arab outfit without being ostentatious.

  • During the Eid holidays

It is especially during the Eid holidays that a large majority of Muslims wear the kamis and meet with their families . In addition, if you are looking for a gift idea for Eid 2023, we have prepared a list of gift ideas to offer for Eid 2023

  • During a wedding

Have you been invited to a traditional or religious wedding? The Qamis is the ideal outfit for a wedding, especially our Pakistani qamis , you will be classy and elegant with this short qamis. Are you the groom? You can also wear a qamis for your wedding

  • Daily

In the Middle East and South Asia such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai or Afghanistan, many Muslims wear the qamis on a daily basis . Indeed, it is their custom to wear this men's abaya every day, even during work. It is true that it is not the ideal outfit for physical tasks, but many of them are attached to it by this outfit.

In France, a minority of Muslims wear it on a daily basis. The Kamis is mainly worn during the Eid celebrations.

  1. For formal occasions : For formal occasions such as weddings, religious ceremonies or professional events, opt for a silk or linen qamis, in a dark color such as black, dark blue or grey. Match it with a leather belt, black leather shoes and a silk scarf (keffiyeh) for an elegant and neat look.

  2. For casual occasions : for casual occasions such as outings with friends or leisure activities, opt for a cotton qamis, in a light color such as white, beige or light grey. Match it with jeans, sports shoes and a keffiyeh for a casual and comfortable look.

In summary, the qamis is a versatile garment that can be worn for many occasions, ranging from everyday life to religious and festive ceremonies . It is considered a respectful and appropriate garment for all these occasions.

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