Qamis large size XXL 62 or XL 60

Wearing clothes adapted to your morphology is important to feel comfortable and assert yourself. This is why it is important to offer plus size qamis for men who have specific clothing needs.

Large size qamis are classic qamis, but suitable for men with larger than average clothing sizes. This can include sizes from XL to 2XL and up. It is important to note that these sizes are not only intended for overweight men, but also for men with special physical characteristics, such as broad shoulders or a significant height.

It is important to offer large size qamis to allow these men to feel comfortable and good in their clothing, while respecting cultural and religious norms. Indeed, the qamis is a traditional and culturally important garment for Muslim men, so it is important that they can wear one that suits them perfectly.

At My Qamis Homme, we have qamis up to size 62 XXL. For tall or overweight people, we advise you to go with the Emirati qamis or short sleeves which have a wider cut.

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