Why the Pakistani Qamis? Our opinion at My Qamis Homme

Why choose the Pakistani Qamis? Our opinion and advice at My Qamis Homme

What is a Pakistani Qamis set?

The Pakistani qamis is a very popular set of traditional men's clothing in Pakistan . It is composed of a qamis, a long dress with a V or round neckline, and a salwar, loose and comfortable pants. The qamis is usually made from cotton or silk, and may be embellished with embroidery or traditional designs. It is usually worn with a keffiyeh or turban, called a "pagri", to complete the ensemble.

When to wear the Pakistani Kamees?

The Pakistani qamis set is often worn for formal occasions and ceremonies, but it is also worn as daily wear in some parts of Pakistan. It is considered a symbol of cultural identity and national pride.

The different Pakistani Qami sets:

There are several variations of the Pakistani qamis set, including the "shalwar kameez" which is the most popular set, the "kurta pajama", consisting of a kurta, a long shirt, and a pajama, pants loose, and the "dhoti kurta" which is a more traditional set consisting of a dhoti, a piece of fabric folded and tied around the waist, and a kurta.

With the evolution of fashion, new designs and cuts have appeared, while respecting traditional codes, this allows men to wear these clothes with elegance and modernity . It is increasingly popular in neighboring countries and in Muslim communities around the world.

Features :

The Pakistani Qamis set is a compound of a short Qamis and pants. The short Qamis is covered with patterns and embroidery on the collar, the bust and the rigid cuffs.

For whom is this Qamis made?

If you are looking for a Qamis for a traditional wedding , this is the ideal outfit for weddings. It is a very classy set with its embroidery . This short Qamis is also made for Muslim men who prefer a Qamis with pants and deep pockets.

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