Pourquoi le Qamis Manches Courtes ? Notre avis chez My Qamis Homme - My Qamis Homme

Why the Qamis Short Sleeves? Our opinion at My Qamis Homme

Why the Qamis Short Sleeves? Our opinion and advice at My Qamis Homme

What is the Qamis short sleeve?

The qamis is a traditional long dress for men very popular in Arab and Muslim countries. However, a modern trend is to wear short-sleeved qamis.

Short-sleeved qamis are similar to traditional qamis, but have short sleeves instead of long sleeves. They are generally made from the same materials and may have the same patterns or embroidery as traditional qamis.

This trend is increasingly popular with men looking to wear traditional clothing in a more modern and casual way. Short-sleeved qamis are also more practical for outdoor activities or sports activities, as they allow greater freedom of movement and are less hot.

When to wear the short-sleeved qamis?

The short-sleeved qamis can be worn for formal occasions, but they are also very practical for everyday use thanks to its flowing fabric.

With what to wear the Qamis short sleeve?

They can be worn with a keffiyeh or turban, as well as an agal, a rubber band that holds the keffiyeh in place.

Features :

The Qamis Short Sleeves is a collarless kamis with short sleeves. The Qamis is covered with embroidered patterns around the collar and on the bust.

For whom is this Qamis made?

This men's abaya is ideal for summer. Thanks to its loose fit, short sleeves and flowing fabric, you'll feel comfortable even in hot weather.

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