Is wearing a burkini allowed at the beach or swimming pool in France?

The burkini is a full body swimsuit for Muslim women who wish to preserve their modesty while wishing to bathe or swim at the beach or pool. It was designed to allow women to bathe safely and freely, while respecting their religious dress.

In France, the wearing of the burkini has been a source of controversy and public debate. In 2016, several French beaches banned the wearing of the burkini, which sparked strong reactions and debates on religious rights and secularism. However, in August 2018, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the burkini ban was not in line with freedom of religion and the freedom to manifest one's beliefs.

Today, the wearing of the burkini is authorized on the beaches and at the swimming pool in France, provided that it is worn in a reasonable manner and that aquatic activities are not hampered. Local authorities may prohibit the wearing of the burkini in the event of public security or health risks, but this prohibition must be reasoned and proportionate.

In conclusion, Muslim women can wear the burkini at the beach or in the pool in France, but they must respect local rules and public safety and health concerns. The debates on the burkini show the need to find a balance between religious rights, secularism and public interests in France.

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