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How to wash and maintain your Qamis

Washing the Qamis:

  • Washing the Kamees by hand

For long-term conservation of your Qamis, it is advisable to wash the Qamis by hand . Indeed, as it is a softer wash, even after many washes, the kamis does not deteriorate or fade.

  • Washing the Qamis in the washing machine

The washing machine is a good, efficient and quick way to wash your Qamis. It is advisable to use crease-removing detergent. Set your machine to medium temperature (40°C) and medium spin. Be careful not to mix the colors with other clothes!

  • Washing Qamis with a big task

Do you have a big stain on your Qamis ? Immediately apply stain remover like Vanish to the stained area and let the product sit. Then you can put the kami in the washing machine.

Qamis maintenance:

  • Extend the kami after washing

It is advisable to extend your Qamis as quickly as possible using a hanger .

  • Iron the Qamis

If you want a perfect Qamis , ironing the Qamis is essential. It is strongly recommended to iron the Qamis before big events to have an elegant Qamis. Set your iron to Polyester, the temperature should not exceed 110°C.

  • Store your Kamees
It is not recommended to fold your kamis like a classic garment in order to avoid creases . We advise you to hang your kamis with a hanger .

Advice list for washing and maintaining your qamis

  1. Hand or machine wash in cold or lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Avoid using powdered detergent or fabric softener, which can damage the fibers of the fabric.

  2. Do not use bleach or other whitening agents to avoid discoloring the fabric

  3. Avoid high temperature ironing, use steam iron or low temperature iron to avoid burning the fabric.

  4. Avoid leaving it to dry in the sun or near a heat source, as this can damage the fabric.

  5. Do not use a dryer, lay it flat to dry.

  6. If you want to keep your qamis for a long time, it is best to fold it up and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct light.

  7. To avoid creases, shake it out before wearing and use steam iron or low temperature iron to remove creases.

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