How to wash and maintain your abaya? The complete guide

The abaya is the favorite dress of Muslim women and is designed with noble fabric, which is why it is essential to take care of it. Like a qamis or a suit for a Muslim man , it is an equally important piece that we are used to sending to the dry cleaners for an effective and durable wash. You will find in this article how to wash and properly maintain your abaya.

How do I wash my abaya in the washing machine?

We are often afraid to machine wash our abaya for fear of damaging or discoloring. Imagine that it is quite possible to wash your abaya without damaging it. To do this, simply set your washing machine to a gentle wash at 30°C with the wool cycle . ATTENTION, this does not concern abayas with rhinestones, sequins, lace and pearls. Indeed, with this kind of abaya, it is better to use another washing way.

How do I wash my abaya by hand?

For a durable abaya, we recommend hand washing even for abayas with rhinestones, sequins, lace or pearls. Indeed, the wash will be even softer and will allow you to keep your abaya for a long time.

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How do I remove a stain from my abaya?

If you have noticed a stain on your abaya, you should quickly apply a stain remover to the stain.

Steps to wash and maintain your abaya:

  1. Check the label : Before washing your abaya, check the label for washing instructions. Some abayas may require dry cleaning or hand washing, while others can be machine washed.

  2. Use a gentle detergent : Use a gentle detergent to avoid damaging the delicate materials of your abaya. Avoid using fabric softeners or fabric softeners, which can damage the fibers of the abaya.

  3. Wash in cold water: Wash your abaya in cold water to avoid fading or shrinking the fabric. Use a gentle cycle if you machine wash your abaya.

  4. Dry flat: To prevent the abaya from deforming, dry it flat in the shade. Avoid machine drying or hanging to dry.

  5. Iron at low temperature: Iron your abaya at low temperature to avoid burning or damaging the fabric. Use a damp cloth to avoid creases and to iron delicate areas.

  6. Store it properly: Store your abaya in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Fold it carefully to avoid creases and creases.

The abaya is a traditional garment worn by Muslim women to cover their body. It is made from delicate materials such as silk, muslin or chiffon and requires special care to maintain its shape and color.

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