How to tie your hair under the hijab

The hijab is an important piece of clothing for many Muslim women, and tying her hair up appropriately is an important part of putting on the hijab . There are several ways to tie your hair under the hijab , and each of them can be tailored to your personal preferences and face shape.

  1. Braid : Braid is a popular option for tying hair under the hijab. This hairstyle can be done in several ways, ranging from a simple braid to a braid with 3 pigtails.

  2. Bun : The bun is another popular way to tie your hair under the hijab. You can also choose to make a simple bun or add accessories such as bobby pins or ribbons for a more sophisticated look.

  3. Chouchou Hijab volumizer : The hijab volumizer gives volume to your veil which will make it natural and refined.

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