C'est quoi un khimar 2 voiles ou khimar 3 voile ? - My Qamis Homme

What is a 2-veil khimar or a 3-veil khimar?

A khimar is a popular head garment worn by Muslim women to cover their hair, neck and chest. There are several types of khimars including the 2-veil khimar or 3-veil khimar which have become very trendy.

What is a 2-veil khimar?

The 2-veil khimar is actually made up of only one khimar but with a kind of extension that gives the effect of 2 khimar put on top. The goal here is to give a nice fallout of the khimar

What is a 3-veil khimar?

The 3-veil khimar is similar to the 2-veil khimar, but it is even longer and gives a splendid fall.

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