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Am I allowed to wear the qamis at school or in public institutions?

Wearing qamis at school is a controversial subject in France. While some consider this to represent an important religious commitment, others may consider it can be interpreted as a sign of separation and discrimination. Especially since for some, the wearing of Qamis is more of a cultural and customary aspect rather than religious. That is to say that some people wear the Qamis by tradition and has no connection with the Muslim religion. As a result, the wearing of Qamis in schools and public institutions can in principle be authorized. It remains to be proven there that the Qamis is worn for cultural and not religious reasons. There is therefore a legal vagueness.

In France, secularism is a fundamental part of society and this means that religious symbols are often kept at bay in public institutions such as schools . However, wearing the qamis at school is not prohibited by French law and school policy decisions vary from school to school.

Some schools allow the wearing of qamis, while others may prohibit the wearing of any religious symbol. However, even in schools that allow the wearing of qamis, there may be restrictions in terms of color, style and length.

It is important to remember that the decision to wear qamis at school must take into account the best interests of the children. The goal of education is to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all children, regardless of religion, race or cultural background.

Ultimately, the wearing of qamis at school depends on each school's policy and may vary depending on the region , school size, and political leanings. Parents and children can chat with school administrators to learn more about their school's specific policies on religious clothing.

In conclusion, the wearing of qamis at school may or may not be permitted depending on school policy, but it is important to ensure that school policy decisions are fair and respect religious rights while ensuring in the best interests of the children.

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