What is a kimono abaya?

What is a kimono abaya ?

The kimono abaya is a modern variation of the traditional abaya , which was inspired by the Japanese style of kimono. This abaya has become popular with women looking to combine fashion and tradition . This abaya features a loose, relaxed fit , making it a comfortable choice for casual days .

  1. Casual Style : The kimono abaya has a loose, relaxed fit that approximates the style of the kimono. This makes it a comfortable option for casual days.

  2. Versatility : The kimono abaya can be worn in different ways to create different looks. It can be tied at the waist with a belt, or simply worn open for a more casual style.

  3. Impressive Design Details : The kimono abaya is often decorated with floral prints, ethnic patterns and delicate embroidery. Design details add a touch of style to the abaya while maintaining its respect for tradition.

  4. Easy to Wear : The kimono abaya can be easily worn over casual clothes for a daytime outfit, or over more formal attire for an evening look. It's easy to put on and take off, making it ideal for busy days.

In summary, the abaya kimono is a modern variation of the traditional abaya that combines comfort, style and respect for tradition. It is a popular choice for women looking to add a casual touch to their outfit while maintaining respect for tradition.

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