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What is the difference between a butterfly abaya and a puff sleeve abaya?

The butterfly abaya and the puff sleeve abaya are two different styles of abayas, a traditional garment worn by women in the Middle East. Both styles have different colors, shapes, and functions that set them apart from each other.

The butterfly abaya also called abaya farasha is a style of abaya that has flared sleeves that look like butterfly wings . This sleeve shape gives a modern twist to the traditional abaya and can be worn for formal occasions. Butterfly sleeves are often made of lightweight fabrics and add a touch of elegance to the abaya. In addition, thanks to its wide and ample cut, it does not reveal any shape.

The puff sleeve abaya , on the other hand, has voluminous, puffy sleeves that add a touch of glamor to the abaya. Puff sleeves can be made of different types of fabrics, such as tulle, to give more volume. This form of sleeve is often worn during celebrations and parties while maintaining its modesty.

Ultimately, the difference between the butterfly abaya and the puff sleeve abaya lies in the shape of the sleeves. Both styles have their own aesthetic and can be worn depending on the occasion and personal preference. It is important to find a style that suits your body and your tastes, because the abaya is a garment that you will wear often.

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