5 Eid 2023 Gift Ideas for Muslim Men

Eid , an important holiday for Muslims , is fast approaching. The festivities begin with visits to family and friends, accompanied by tastings of traditional oriental pastries . It is also customary to give gifts to those around us. If you are wondering what to give to an important loved one in your life, such as your husband, your father or your brother, My Qamis Homme has prepared a list of the best 5 gift ideas for Eid El Fitr 2023 .

At the top of the list, we obviously find the Qamis. An essential outfit for Arabs , Muslims in France wear the qamis on Eid day in families, generally between father and son with the same Qamis . In addition, this Muslim outfit is essential for going to the mosque or performing prayers . Given that this year Eid takes place during the spring and that the temperatures will not be very hot, we advise you to go on a Saudi Qamis with their collar and their long sleeves and in a soft and light fabric .

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We find here a great classic certainly but a safe bet that is very popular with Muslim men . Indeed, for Muslims, perfume is used for various reasons. It is often used to wear perfume before prayer , as it is considered a sunnah (recommended practice) in Islam to wear perfume before appearing before Allah . Perfume is also used to create a pleasant atmosphere in places of worship and to enhance spirituality . It is also used to perfume on special occasions and ceremonies, such as weddings or Eid celebrations . Finally, it is also used to perfume oneself in general, to feel good about oneself and to be pleasant to others.

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To impress a loved one, you can offer them a personalized box with:

  • A prayer rug
  • A perfume or Musk
  • Of Miswak
  • A Chechia
  • A Kamees
  • A Keffiyeh

The box is 100% customizable , you can add his name or a message on his box.

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Here is an original gift , a magnificent Pakistani two-piece set with lots of embroidery. This is our finest outfit . Wearing this Muslim outfit will cause a sensation, it is the quintessential qamis.

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Here is a simple and effective gift consisting of a prayer mat, a chaplet and a surah translated into French.

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